Rule Adjustments and Additions

Armor and Shields
Explanation of the use of and ratings associated with armor and shields.
Blood Sworn
Blood Sworn adepts may weave threads through the Bond to enhance each other's abilities.
Action Options
Minor adjustments to actions available in combat.
Learning talents duplicated by versatility or skills
Rules for merging Versatility Talents or skills with talents gained through discipline study.
Knack Costs
Cost and Process for developing Talent Knacks.
Multi-Discipline Thread Weaving and Karma Ritual
Followers of more than one Discipline do not have multiple versions of these integral talents.
Magical Equipment
Some adjustments to basic equipment.
Racial Adjustments
Racial attribute adjustments and special apilities
Circle Spells Available
Maximum circle spells available to characters using the Spellcasting skill or Versatility.
Costs for Versatility Talents and Versatility for nonhuman races.
Wound Severity
A system accounting for the varied severity of Wounds.