The information of these pages is copyright Robert Braddock and Melissa Braddock. Liberal use is made of terms and text which might be trademarked or otherwise owned by FASA Corporation: such material is used without permission and its use is not intended to challenge FASA's rights in any way. Most pages should have specific credit notes for ownership of information rights. All Non-FASA material is freely usable or reprintable by others, as long as you get our permision before using our work in anything of a commercial nature.

That is, feel free to lift information at will, although credit would be nice. We aren't going to hunt you down or anything. Well, probably not... You might also want to change the names of things or characters you use so as to free their Patterns of any taint or connection to their counterparts in our Reality.

Also, we would be glad to write or submit RPG work (I especially enjoy tailor making thread items for characters), but I will absolutely not give up my rights over information I produce. I don't mind letting things be used at will, but I can not tolerate the idea that someone else might tell me what I can or can't do with something I wrote. A simple and reasonable restriction, I think.

Hope you don't mind, I like my pages quiet and easily browsable, so no annoying graphics or JavaScript will be used, and I hope it is all easily viewable on any browser you might use. I know a lot of people who think their web page is a place to showcase their HTML/whatever expertise, in any way possible. I am strictly annoyed by a majority of the flashy junk in pages I visit, and I don't feel the need to make things worse just to demonstrate trivial proficiencies.