Talent Knacks

Note: Our Knack aquisition rules

Analyze Opponent

Analyze Style (6)
Know your opponent.

Animal Bond

Animal Friendship (4)
A weak Animal Bond to ease that first week of the Bonding process.

Anticipate Blow

Accept Blow (5)
Sometimes it is better to plan on being hit than to try and get out of the way.
Anticipate Counter (6)
When you are tired of those annoying Swordmasters.

Avoid Blow

Avoid Spell (7)
An Avoid Blow for Spell Defense.
Balanced Dodge (5)
Less risky, but harder to use.

Book Memory

Scene Memory (6)
A more visually oriented memory enhancement

Borrow Sense

Borrow Ability (10)
Borrow abilities and powers from animals
Borrow Characteristic (5)
Borrow general characteristics from animals
Borrow Skill (8)
Borrow natural skills from animals


Echo Location (5)
Talent Conversion


Fearsome Charge (9)
Talent Conversion

Claw Frenzy

Venom Frenzy (7)
Pick the bones clean

Claw Shape

Beast Shape (7)
Why just claws...
Beast Transformation (12)
Restricted shape shifting
Major Transformation (14)
Unrestricted shape shifting

Dominate Beast

Call Beast (5)
Tame Mount (7)
Talent Conversion

Down Strike

Velocity Strike (5)
Some attacks are more than just falling on the opponent

Empathic Command

Call Mount (6)
Talent Conversion
Empathic Mastery (5)
An expanded Empathic Command for those with true Animal Bond.

Gliding Stride

Gliding Spring (5)
Focusing the levitation to boost jumping ability

Melee Weapon

Binding Lash (6)
Get a little magic into whips
Weapon Flip (7)
This flashy move might even be useful once in a while

Spirit Strike

Matrix Strike (6)
Talent Conversion

Swift Kick

Swift Strike (6)
Use unarmed combat knacks as Swift Kick actions

Thread Weaving

Merge Spell Pattern (13)
Weave a Named spell pattern into onesself
Mount Thread (7)
Thread Weaving on behalf of ones mount
Reweave Thread (10)
Changing the pattern a thread is woven to


Show Tracks (5)

Unarmed Combat

Disable Joint (5)
Immobilizing Lock (6)
Advanced grappling
Knockdown Boost (5)
Coordinating with another attack to fell an opponent
Reversal (6)
Reverse Grapple (5)

Unshakable Earth

Strength of Stone (7)
Stronger, but slower.


Paralyzing Venom (5)

Wheeling Defense

Circle of Confusion (7)
Dont just ride around. Play with their minds.

Wood Skin

Air Skin (8)
Fire Skin (10)
Summon an inner fire to feed the magic.
Heavy Hand (6)
Orichalcum Skin (14)
Call on multiple elements simultaneously
Steel Hand (5)
Transient Alteration (8)
For times when a momentary benefit is all you want.
Water Skin (7)
Use the fluidity of water