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Welcome and thank you for visiting our Earthdawn pages. Below you will find links to items, rules, characters, knacks and other bits of our campaign. This information is put here for our amusement and to share with friends, but we hope you too find something here worth your time. Feel free to email me (Robert Braddock) any comments you might have at robert@concordantthought.com. This page is not dead. Earthdawn may be gone, but we will continue. We just don't get to play terribly often, so updates have been and will be infrequent.

Change log, credits, and technical notes (last updated 24 March 1999).

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Minor modifications from the published version
Minor modifications from the published version
Significant changes from the published version

Threaded Items

Bracers of Cruel Authority
Cloud Circlet (nonunique item)
Crystal Plate (non-unique item)
Daumoqag, The Black Talon
Gauntlets of Ice and Fire
Ilmaerik's Armor of Fire Resistance
Kassyth, Lightbringer
Li'e'shidann's Cloak
Nakelyn's Boots of the Shifting Mists
Onyx Spellcaster's Ring
Panagwa's Blessing
Twilight Hammer
Vankethar's Accomplice
Wings of the Shining Soul

Rule Adjustments and Additions

Armor and Shields
Explanation of the use of and ratings associated with armor and shields.
Blood Sworn
Blood Sworn adepts may weave threads through the Bond to enhance each other's abilities.
Action Options
Minor adjustments to actions available in combat.
Learning talents duplicated by versatility or skills
Rules for merging Versatility Talents or skills with talents gained through discipline study.
Knack Costs
Cost and Process for developing Talent Knacks.
Multi-Discipline Thread Weaving and Karma Ritual
Followers of more than one Discipline do not have multiple versions of these integral talents.
Magical Equipment
Some adjustments to basic equipment.
Racial Adjustments
Racial attribute adjustments and special apilities
Circle Spells Available
Maximum circle spells available to characters using the Spellcasting skill or Versatility.
Costs for Versatility Talents and Versatility for nonhuman races.
Wound Severity
A system accounting for the varied severity of Wounds.


Galamir (dead), Human Illusionist
Je'Okaar, Obsidiman Elementalist
Li'e'shidann Lifpendair, Elven Warrior
Sh'karra, Dinganni Beastmaster
Skat (dead), Human Nethermancer

Talent Knacks

Accept Blow (Anticipate Blow, 5)
Sometimes it is better to plan on being hit than to try and get out of the way.
Air Skin (Wood Skin, 8)
Analyze Style (Analyze Opponent, 6)
Know your opponent.
Animal Friendship (Animal Bond, 4)
A weak Animal Bond to ease that first week of the Bonding process.
Anticipate Counter (Anticipate Blow, 6)
When you are tired of those annoying Swordmasters.
Avoid Spell (Avoid Blow, 7)
An Avoid Blow for Spell Defense.
Balanced Dodge (Avoid Blow, 5)
Less risky, but harder to use.
Beast Shape (Claw Shape, 7)
Why just claws...
Beast Transformation (Claw Shape, 12)
Restricted shape shifting
Binding Lash (Melee Weapon, 6)
Get a little magic into whips
Borrow Ability (Borrow Sense, 10)
Borrow abilities and powers from animals
Borrow Characteristic (Borrow Sense, 5)
Borrow general characteristics from animals
Borrow Skill (Borrow Sense, 8)
Borrow natural skills from animals
Call Beast (Dominate Beast, 5)
Call Mount (Empathic Command, 6)
Talent Conversion
Circle of Confusion (Wheeling Defense, 7)
Dont just ride around. Play with their minds.
Disable Joint (Unarmed Combat, 5)
Echo Location (Chameleon, 5)
Talent Conversion
Empathic Mastery (Empathic Command, 5)
An expanded Empathic Command for those with true Animal Bond.
Fearsome Charge (Charge, 9)
Talent Conversion
Fire Skin (Wood Skin, 10)
Summon an inner fire to feed the magic.
Gliding Spring (Gliding Stride, 5)
Focusing the levitation to boost jumping ability
Heavy Hand (Wood Skin, 6)
Immobilizing Lock (Unarmed Combat, 6)
Advanced grappling
Knockdown Boost (Unarmed Combat, 5)
Coordinating with another attack to fell an opponent
Major Transformation (Claw Shape, 14)
Unrestricted shape shifting
Matrix Strike (Spirit Strike, 6)
Talent Conversion
Merge Spell Pattern (Thread Weaving, 13)
Weave a Named spell pattern into onesself
Mount Thread (Thread Weaving, 7)
Thread Weaving on behalf of ones mount
Orichalcum Skin (Wood Skin, 14)
Call on multiple elements simultaneously
Paralyzing Venom (Venom, 5)
Reversal (Unarmed Combat, 6)
Reverse Grapple (Unarmed Combat, 5)
Reweave Thread (Thread Weaving, 10)
Changing the pattern a thread is woven to
Scene Memory (Book Memory, 6)
A more visually oriented memory enhancement
Show Tracks (Tracking, 5)
Steel Hand (Wood Skin, 5)
Strength of Stone (Unshakable Earth, 7)
Stronger, but slower.
Swift Strike (Swift Kick, 6)
Use unarmed combat knacks as Swift Kick actions
Tame Mount (Dominate Beast, 7)
Talent Conversion
Transient Alteration (Wood Skin, 8)
For times when a momentary benefit is all you want.
Velocity Strike (Down Strike, 5)
Some attacks are more than just falling on the opponent
Venom Frenzy (Claw Frenzy, 7)
Pick the bones clean
Water Skin (Wood Skin, 7)
Use the fluidity of water
Weapon Flip (Melee Weapon, 7)
This flashy move might even be useful once in a while


Sample Spell

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